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Revolutionizing Customer Service with Intelligent, Always-Available Call Handling

Answer 24 is your ultimate solution for seamless and efficient customer service. Our AI Voice Bot is designed to handle phone calls, answer questions, and book appointments around the clock, ensuring your business never misses a call or an opportunity.

  • Call Handling: Efficiently manage incoming calls 

  • FAQ Responses: Provide accurate answers to common customer queries

  • Appointment Booking: Schedule appointments seamlessly, reducing the workload on your staff.

Never Miss a Customer Call or Message Again!

Introducing AI Bot for 24/7 call handling, messaging, appointment booking, and seamless interactions with your customers.

Answer24.AI is Packed with Features to Support Your Business Needs

It's like hiring a full-time person to handle your phone calls, text messages, social media interactions, appointment booking, and online reviews! 

At a fraction of the cost.


Efficiently manage incoming calls and provide accurate answers to common customer queries. 


Book appointments in a calendar with all of the customer's information attached to the booked appointment. 


Answer text messages, notify customers of their upcoming appointments, and reschedule.

Built in CRM

Keep up with customers and generate more revenue with's built-in CRM. Email, text, and call out of one platform!

Get More Reviews

Customer reviews are a vital part of a successful business. With our platform, you can get more customer reviews!  

Keeping Track of Marketing

Keep track of all your marketing efforts in one place. Know which marketing channels are driving revenue!

Industries we work in is great for almost any business. No matter how big or small, your company can drive revenue and increase customer retention while saving money and freeing up your staff. 

Automotive is excellent for booking appointments for car dealers and even after-hours for the service drive

Home Services is excellent at answering calls and booking appointments for plumbers & AC repair companies


Answer is great for small health providers to answer calls during & after hours


Choose the pricing that fits for you




Upgrade customer service with AI Voice Bot at an affordable rate!

Select Lite Plan
  • Call Handling: Basic Package

  • FAQ Responses: Standard Package

  • Customizable Scripts: Essential Package

  • Appointment Booking

  • Up to 250 Calls a Month 




Elevate customer service with personalized call handling and appointment scheduling

Select Plus Plan
  • Everything included in Lite Plan

  • Custom Ai SMS Replies

  • Social Media Messaging 

  • Customer Reviews

  • Additional 100 Calls a Month




Elevate customer service efficiency with personalized scripts and real-time analytics

Select Pro Plan
  • Everything included in Plus Plan

  • Email Marketing up to 10K 

  • SMS Marketing up to 2K

  • Custom Marketing Work Flows

  • Up to 700 Calls a Month

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

We Have Put Together Some Commonly Asked Questions

What is Answer 24?

Answer 24 is an AI Voice Bot that serves as a comprehensive customer service solution for businesses, handling phone calls, answering questions, and booking appointments 24/7 to ensure that no communication opportunity is missed

How can Answer 24 benefit my business?

Answer 24 can benefit your business by efficiently managing incoming calls, providing accurate responses to frequently asked questions, handling appointment scheduling, offering customizable scripts to match your business's tone, and providing real-time analytics to help you understand customer interactions better

Can Answer 24 forward a call to a live person?

Yes, Answer 24 is equipped to efficiently manage incoming calls and route them appropriately to the right individual within your organization

Is the AI Voice Bot customizable for different business types?

Absolutely, Answer 24 allows you to customize scripts to match your business's unique tone and style, ensuring that customer interactions are tailored to reflect your brand identity effectively

How does Answer 24 help in appointment booking?

Answer 24 streamlines the appointment booking process, reducing the workload on your staff by facilitating seamless scheduling and ensuring that appointments are managed efficiently and effectively

How long does it take to set up?

It takes a few days to ensure a smooth onboarding process, which could take a little longer for more complex bots. On average it only takes 2-3 days to get up and running.